Don't count the days, make the days count.

Hi! I'm a twenty something living in Ghent, Belgium. I ride BMX, dance to old school Jazz, love to design and organize, shoot pictures, play the tuba and go surfing occasionally. Professionally I am a warehouse worker and part-time creative for hire and teacher/consultant.

My Services

I can help you put something on the web, offer advice or teach you something new, potentially.

Web Content Creation

Every website needs content and it's one of those things that is often highly underestimated. It's the first step in putting something online, obviously, after all what are you going to put online if there is nothing to show. If this first step is giving you trouble, I'm here to help.

Information architecture planning

The best websites are well structured and have all the necessary information without getting bloated. Thinking about your information architecture beforehand and later regularly reviewing its effectiveness is crucial to keeping a website enjoyable to use over time.


The majority of web content is text, also called copy. I can help you write your copy in Dutch (Flemish) and English.

Photo and videography

On today's web photo and video have become almost indispensable content. Images, moving or still, of you and your team members, your business location, your products, your performances... I can handle almost any subject. My shooting style is clean and functional.

Educational material

A great way to elevate your customer experience and reduce your support requests is to have rich library of educational material about your products and services publicly available for them to learn from. I can produce written tutorials (with pictures), audio tutorials, screencasts, or live action videos.


Want to learn something new or need some advice? I picked up a variety of skills and love to pass those on.

Swing dancing

Let me show you how this swing dancing thing works. I dance Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and Blues. My focus is on social dancing and having a lot of fun on the dancefloor, both leading and a little bit of following.

Photo and videography

Learn to better handle a camera and all the steps that are involved in the making of a great picture. Once you know what you're doing you can get great results out of any camera, from your phone to a DSLR.

World Wide Web

The web is a both an amazing playground and a place for serious business. In any case you should know how it works, how to build stuff in it and how to let it help you live the life you want to live. In the 21st century it is arguably as important a skill as knowing how to read and write.


I closely follow the tech industry and I'm pretty handy with computers. Most people use their devices for only a small fraction of what they are capable off and usually very inefficiently too. Let me show you how to set them up properly, customize them for your personal needs and simply use them much better. I can also show you what to look for when shopping for new tech.


I started playing classical music since I was 6 years old and have ever since. Learn how to read sheet music, dig into some music theory or maybe learn how to play the tuba like me (or anything in the trumpet family of instruments).


I'm crazy about bicycles, have been my whole life. Learn about their mechanics, how to maintain your ride or what to look for in a bicycle when shopping for one. If you are the adventurous type I could also introduce you to the awesome world of freestyle BMX.


Very short answer, I charge 50€/hour.

For teaching or consulting that answers the question. For simple content creating work I probably can easily estimate how many hours it would take me to do. Just ask.

For bigger web projects it gets more complicated. There are many paths to take depending on your project's goals, the deadline, your budget, personal preferences and time you could spend working on it yourself. Start with a consult first if you don't exactly know what you need yet. Once we are clear on what you need I can figure out what that would cost to built, how long that would take and who else to involve. Remember though that most projects can be realized relatively cheap these days, don't let the web scare you, for the most part it's a very friendly place.

Don't forget that any expenses are not included in my hourly rate. Renting a location or equipment, paying for third party services, travelling... Before the start of every project I'll draft an estimate with a fixed price that we both need to agree to before the work starts. I also charge half in advance and half upon completion.


I'm very flexible and available 7 days a week. I however also have a full time job and might have other engagements.

In other words, contact me to hear what my calendar looks like. I'm sure we can figure something out.

My work


Gentse Hoppers

Gentse Hoppers is a group of dancers that support the swing jazz dance and music scene in Ghent. They launched their new website in the summer of 2014. It's a totally custom build on Wordpress. I designed and coded the theme and created all the content. I also run the calendar and all electronic communication and did some print work for them.
The Gentse Hoppers Exchange website is built on Laravel in collaboration with dancer and developer Sander Versluys. I translated the main site's wordpress theme design with some minor modifications and created the majority of the content. Next to that I also help run all communication for the event, mostly from the technical side.

Helena Verheyen

Helena is an amazing person, dancer, illustrator and creator. I helped her set up an online presence for herself on Squarespace. I helped out with some of the technical stuff to get her going, but she did everything else all by herself. Very nice end result if you ask me.

LiLi Hop Weekend

Danshuis De Ingang asked me to help them build a little site for their dance workshop weekend. It had to be really simple to maintain and preferrably very affordable. I set them up with a Squarespace site, structured and edited all the content and poured it into one of the beautiful templates they offer over there.




Action Sports

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