Dear On

My name is Jonas and I would love to join your Brand Design team as Multimedia Graphic Designer.

I moved to Zurich about two and a half years ago from Belgium where I then worked as a freelance web designer and content creator. I came here for love and didn’t speak much German when I arrived. My lack of speaking the local language meant it was very hard to continue my business here so I hit the job boards. I quickly got a job with the company Kilchenmann for who I work as an event technician specializing in video for live broadcast and as a technical team lead handling client communication and leading the technical team in the control room. The majority of the events I work on are at the Novartis Campus in Basel.

I became a father at the beginning of this year and wanting to spend more time with my family instead of commuting has been the main motivation to start looking for an interesting position closer to home. I think I have found my dream job. On is a great brand with great products, which I also use myself, and I think I am a perfect match in both skills and personality.

I am a positive, open minded, sporty yet rather reserved person. I would describe myself as an introvert with great social skills. You usually won’t find me in the spotlight, but I am not shy to speak up when necessary and I do enjoy a good conversation from time to time. I am very curious and like to learn something new every day. When I do something I want to do it really well so I do my research, prepare, and then roll up my sleeves and throw myself at it until the perfectionist in me is satisfied.

I know my way around all the Adobe CC software related to photo, video, audio and design work. I know how to build things on the web and make them look great and work well. I know how to use professional cameras, both photo and video, how to record good sound and how to use lighting to create varying visual moods. I also know how to edit the recorded material using industry best practices and turn it into finished content ready to be shared with the world.

You can read more about me in my resume and I selected some work I created as a freelancer for my portfolio. I wish I could also show you what we work on at Kilchenmann, but I signed an NDA there.

Have a nice day and I look forward to an invitation for an interview.