My first years behind the camera I spent documenting my friends defying gravity riding their BMX bikes. Today, many years later, I mainly work for businesses and organisations creating pictures for their marketing and communication needs. I am however also available for portrait or event work. And I still love shooting action sports.

How it works

At the start of each project we need to get the fundamentals in place. The desired end result, the available budget, the delivery deadline...

Our next step is preparation, also called pre-production. Drafting a shot list, setting up a shooting schedule, finding locations, hiring extra hands if needed, renting equipment, casting models...

When we are fully prepared we can go in production. That's when we start snapping pictures. If we planned everything well this should go very smoothly. If it doesn't we have to get creative and improvise. 

The final step is called post-production. This is where we process all the images. We select the best ones and fine tune them. Cropping, optimizing the exposure, color correcting, sharpening, removing blemishes and distracting objects in the background...

When everything looks the way we want it, we can render out our finished images.


I offer training/consulting at 50 CHF/h.

Photography projects start at 500 CHF.


You can email or call me at any time, 24/7. I don't do 9 to 5 and don't mind odd hours. I am however a busy guy and won't answer if I'm in the middle of something. If you couldn't get a hold of me immediately I promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

I am also willing to plan work 24/7.  Early mornings or late evenings, whatever works best for you. My calendar gets filled on a first come first serve basis. Get in touch if you want to check my availability to do a project.

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