Video Production

A few years ago high quality video production started to become much more affordable. When I realized this I started learning the craft and eventually invested in a whole kit of my own video equipment. Now I help startups and medium sized businesses create videos for their content marketing, customer support and sales channels. 

How it works

At the start of each project we need to get the fundamentals in place. The desired end result, the available budget, the delivery deadline...

Our next step is preparation, also called pre-production. Writing a script, setting up a shooting schedule, finding locations, hiring extra hands if needed, renting equipment, casting actors...

When we are fully prepared we can go in production. That's when the cameras start rolling. If we planned everything well this should go very smoothly. If it doesn't we have to get creative and improvise. No material, no video. 

The final step is called post-production. We sort through all the footage we shot and start puzzling the best clips together to create our story. When the cut is finished we need to color correct, master sound, add titles and graphics and maybe even some special effects (=basically adding and removing things)

When everything looks and sounds the way we want it, we can render out the finished video.


I offer training/consulting at 50 CHF/h.

Full video production projects start at 1000 CHF.

If you only want me to do part of the production, like only editing or only filming, then we can negotiate an appropriate price depending on the scope of the work.


You can email or call me at any time, 24/7. I don't do 9 to 5 and don't mind odd hours. I am however a busy guy and won't answer if I'm in the middle of something. If you couldn't get a hold of me immediately I promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

I am also willing to plan work 24/7.  Early mornings or late evenings, whatever works best for you. My calendar gets filled on a first come first serve basis. Get in touch if you want to check my availability to do a project.

Work examples



Ignite Zurich

Ignite Zurich is an evening event where a selection of passionate individuals present a inspiring idea in just 5 minutes with only 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds.

Hugo Schotman and I are the current tech team. We make it all work in the room, live stream to Facebook and record all the talks. I then post-proces them for uploading to the web.


One day with the fish merchant

Local fish merchant De Vis in Ghent, Belgium wanted to show their customers what is involved in a typical day of running their business.


We Act for Impact: Food 2016

WeAct wanted a new promo video for their sustainability promoting competition platform.
A collaboration with Overhaus and Davide Arizzoli. I did lighting and some of the camera work.


Monday Swing Jam Zürich

Every Monday a bunch of musicians come together at bar La Bohème in Zürich to play their favorite Swing Jazz songs. 


The Out

The Out is probably the most open-minded bar in Ghent. I created a little video for them to promote the bar on social media. We tried to capture the ambiance of the night and show of their USB outlets for smartphone charging and the TouchDJ.


Pom du Jazz live at The Cover

On a summer evening in Ghent an unconventional swing band, Pom du Jazz, plays tunes that make you want to dance. 


BSDC's Damn Hot Party

Brussels' Swing Dance Club flew in Ryan Francois for a workshop and in the evening they organised a "damn hot party" to finish it off. I went there to capture the atmosphere surrounding this madness. Live music by Birdie Bounce.